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Michael Minehan, PhD

Higher degrees are within the reach of all graduates. These graduate degrees are about taking that extra step into a very exclusive realm, and they are an indicator of graduates who want to be recognized as leaders, and as the highest achievers.

It’s easier than you think to gain a higher degree. This is because The University of Cambodia personally guides and mentors Masters and Doctoral candidates. This personal guidance is not possible to provide students during first degrees.

Also, Graduate Degrees can be more tailored to suit your interests. A major part of these degrees can be your own dissertation, which is an area of original research that The University of Cambodia will help you to choose, and which you will then be personally guided to achieve.

At The University of Cambodia, we believe that success is a way of thinking. Graduate Degrees will build further on the success you have already achieved, and will help you to explore new horizons.

Graduate Degrees are therefore an exciting opportunity to explore new ideas and new possibilities with other high achievers.

Together, we can help you achieve levels of excellence that will open doors into a future full of potential.

Michael Minehan, PhD

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